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    Mobile Lightmaps

    Hi Guys,

    Most of my lightmaps work as should, but im getting a strange one on a wall im building.

    the light uv is layed out as below, and the picture below that is how the wall looks in max.

    seems to work fine in the normal editor preview, but when i push to iphone4 or ipad2 ^^ there the results i get....

    judging by your 3ds max screenshot it may be that your walls UV unwrap is set to the wrong map channel the screenshot shows it as map channel 2 in 3ds max, this may translate it into the lightmap UV channel within UDK. i may be wrong but try changing the map channel to 1 in 3ds max.

    failing that your lighting may be off within UDK, check your light map resolution in static mesh editor.

    or it may be a combination of both, light map coordinate index within udk may be directing to the wrong uv channel.

    sorry if i'm wrong it just looks like the wall is bleeding as though its using the wrong uv.
    might be best to post a screenshot of it with other surrounding meshes to better identify.


      hi, thanks for the suggestions, its not the channel, as in max we use channel 2 for lightmaps, and udk uses channel 1. these are definatly correct.

      Also they work in the normal editor so pc its fine, its more of a mobile issue, ive upped the lightmap res and this made no difference.

      Any other ideas?


        Have you got any inverted uv's in max? if no, check the uv's in the udk staticMesh editor window just to see if they look the same as in max.

        Quite a good free tutorial on lightmaps for udk here