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UTgame and weapon

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    UTgame and weapon

    Hi all.
    I try to use the UTgame as gametype.
    With UTgame my weapon show on screen... PERFECT! It is what i wanted!
    But when i get damage it crash on my iphone.
    I read on this forum that is better to extend classes instead of use the UTgame.
    But how ???
    I am really new to unrealscript... someone can point me in the right way?
    How to extend a class?
    What class i must extend to have a weapon like in UTgame?
    Thanks any help will be much appreciated.

    p.s. sorry for my english

    No one can hep me?
    Please tell me how to extend classes and add weapon like in UTgame.
    What is the file for mobile game to add classes?
    Thanks a lot


      i never used mobile UDK but i use desktop UDK i already created a weapon a sort of Colt 1911 in UDK and what i did i didn't extend the gametype in UScript you don't need to do that, the only thing i did is extend the ShockRifle well at first for testing purposes i just went on UTWeap_ShockRifle and at the end in the Default Properties section i changed the skeletal mesh and assigned my own skeletal mesh which is my weapon i also created animations and and an animset and assigned it in the Default Properties it's really easy but there wasn't any need for me to extend or change my gametype whatsoever, well at least that's how i did it i don't know if it is the same for Mobile but i think so, anyway if you can please give me more details, did you create a weapon class and did you extend to UTWeap_ShockRifle ? let me know or PM me,


        Thank you for your help.
        The problem is that in mobile there are no default weapon (and if i use UTgame i have weapons but in is not optimized for mobile and crash)
        The only way to have weapons is to extend classes (i have read this).
        But i am very new to udk... i am a graphic developer.. not a coder and i don't know how to extend a classes.
        Is only copy and paste or i must write code ?
        I have read many tutorial but i can't understand one.... coding in not for me.
        Someone have a simple tutorial or can drive me step by step?

        In excange i can model and texture everything for you!
        Thanks!!!!! I love you!!!!


          I don't know alot about UDK mobile but i did a bit of research on the internet for you
          and i found something interesting apparently you can do it with kismet at least that's what i think i saw i read quickly anyway here is the link

          let me know if it is a good link if not i will try to look again,

          thanks you for the model and texture everything for me offer : )
          and i love you too !!! ha ha

          i forgot to mention here is a video too

          look at it carefully you will see that he is coding something and that he created his own mobile weapon script for a weapon instead of extending to a default weapon he extended to UTWeapon and for the pickup factory he extended to UTPickUpFactory you see only epics default scripting files,