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[Not solved]can't deploy to device anymore. Unable to load Dll iTunesMobileDevice.dll

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    Originally posted by Blade[UG] View Post
    yeah everything got upgraded for iOS 5 . . Can't get it to work even after uninstalling and reinstalling and rebooting in betweens.
    I know this is a silly question Blade but when you uninstalled itunes, did you remove all Apple's hidden folders..
    You probably know this anyway, but when I had this issue I uninstalled itunes and then in windows 7 pro I went Computer, Tools, Folder options, View, Show Hidden files,folders and drives and checked that box..
    This revealed all hidden folders here, C:\Users\Lex\AppData\Local and here C:\Users\Lex\AppData\LocalLow and finally here C:\Users\Lex\AppData\Roaming ... I then deleted everything to with Apple and started from scratch..
    I removed iOS 5 and went back to 4 because I thought that might be a problem too...

    I have now updated back to iOS 5 and all seems well at the moment...
    I also transferred the provision over to September because I was not sure if the UDK build was broken too....


      iTunes works as well, and also supports iPad 2. you've installed 10.5, though, your library needs to be reset. I don't use iTunes for anything other than connecting Unreal to my iThings though, so. . don't care.


        I'm stuck again .

        My computer had a harddrive crash, so I had to install everything, including iTunes again. I'm now stuck with this error again. BladeUG, what do you mean by resetting your library? It doesn't seem to work.

        By the way, I still use ios 4.3.5 on my iphone, would upgrading to ios 5 fix the issue? I recal reading a thread a half year ago about there being problems installing provisions with ios 5, thats why I haven't upgraded yet.


          Actually, iTunes 10.4 won't even -talk- to iOS 5, so .. yeah .. I mean that the media library from 10.5 is not compatible with 10.4. I don't use iTunes for anything at all anyway, so don't really care all that much. I use 10.4 for Unreal, and that works a treat. I'd like to update, but so far no one i've talked to with Epic has been able to duplicate the problem.