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iOS Development | Make Object Follow Player Finger

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    iOS Development | Make Object Follow Player Finger

    Hey guys,

    I am in the process of developing an iOS game based around manipulating the environment to solve puzzles and create paths. The gameplay is partially like the game 'Unblock me' on iOS but its within a propper game world.

    Here is a very basic example of what I wish to achieve and its simplisticness.

    Click image for larger version

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    I have followed the great Uscript tutorial by 'Stubborn Horse' but I still cant seem to get anything custom to work on a 2D plain.

    Would anyone have any suggestions for doing this in Uscript or a way which this can be done through kismet?

    Anything would be appreciated!

    Remember that you can get the raw touch data from within MobileInput. If your game is 2D then using Canvas to render the world would also make it easier to use information from the raw touch data to modify the world. I'd go as far as to make pseudo 2D physics for example.


      Using the raw touch data plus the DeProject function will be your friend.
      Check out UDN, I think they have a demo there of "Touchable" objects (ITouchable interface) which could probably, without too much difficulty, be extended to support dragging.


        good luck They don't make it easy...i wish there was just a kismet way to do this


          By kismet you have the object picker function but not sure it's possible to move something with it.

          Here you have an example by code

          To add the dragging just set the objects as KActors and the pyshics to flying. Then just add a command to trace the ground and have a position where the Actor have to move to.

          It should work

          Good luck !