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Getting motion input working in the Mobile Vehicle Example

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    Getting motion input working in the Mobile Vehicle Example

    Can anyone help me remove the joysticks from the Mobile Vehicle Example code I am currently experimenting with as well as get the motion input control working?

    I am clearly missing something when trying to use the Mobile Vehicle Example code supplied in the documentation. When I test the code in the mobile previewer the vehicle accelerates of its own accord. I can control the vehicle using the onscreen joysticks or the WASD keys. This is fine as I am going to be changing the vehicle to be a bird and I need the bird to fly forward and fly using pitch and yaw control.

    When I install the compiled game onto my iPhone, the motion control does not seem to be working as when i angle the phone no input is being tranferred to the vehicle. The input values appearing in the top left of the screen do appear to be reading input and are constantingly changing as i move my phone.

    What I would like to achieve is all control coming from the motion input rather from the input zone joysticks. Can anyone help me achieve this?

    Ok I have made some progress here, I have managed to get the Joysticks to disappear out of the HUd by removing them in the DefaultGameUDK.ini file as follows:

    //+RequiredMobileInputConfigs=(GroupName="UberGroup" ,RequireZoneNames=("UberStickMoveZone","UberStickL ookZone","UberLookZone"))
    //+RequiredMobileInputConfigs=(GroupName="InitialFly byGroup")

    I am still not able to get the motion input working with the example thought. I do not understand why the HUD readout of the parameters for DeviceMotionAttitude, DeviceMotionRotationRate, DeviceMotionGravity and DeviceMotionAcceleration are displaying figures which are non-zero but are clearly not having any effect on the vehicle as is obviously intended.

    Can anyone please help?