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Interact with a ball

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    Interact with a ball


    Yes, it's my second post in a row.

    I created a ball in 3DS Max imported it in UDK Mobile and added a collision box and a physical material.

    I placed it above the ground so when I start the level I can see the ball bouncing on the ground so I now there is physics working and it's light enough.

    Whant I want is that when I come around the ball I want to push it.
    So simply by going forward and touching the ball moving the ball, pretty simple.

    Right now I can go on the ball but the ball stays still.
    I tried to add some weight to the player but it has no effect, the only thing it does is that when I Jump on the ball I'm stucked on it for a short time.

    I also tried to tweak the physical material but without success.

    Any ideas?



      Thanks but I can't find this option.

      I checked in:
      • the physical material
      • the world properties
      • the KActor properties

      And after some look I need to use a custom Pawn class?

      Right now I'm using a KActor. If I need to use a Pawn class, and I didn't find the option there, I will need a skeletalmesh with bones. Maybe it's not necessary?

      Edit: I also tried via kismet a modify property of the KActor but still no result...

      Edit: I added "bPushesRigidBodies=true" to the defaultProperties of my Pawn and it seems to work, just need a littlebit of value change so it moves correctly.


        Just another question about this,

        Is there a way to avoid to go over the ball?

        I just want to push it, not climb it.


          The answer: Just uncheck "Can Step up On"