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    Matinee bug


    I made a script to be able to make a trace when I touch the screen so I can interact with the world. This is working fine but since I added a matinee at level start (to make a camera presentation of the environment) just when the camera animation ends the trace are not working anymore.

    So during the flythrough of the camera I can display the informations of what I touch (I managed to display some geometry if I touch a certain object) but it's not working anymore when the camera sequence ends.

    The Matinee script is really simple:
    Player Spawned -> Matinee and I tried with the level loaded but the result is the same.

    Every other input are still working so it's something with my code but since it's working if I don't launch a matinee I have no idea what might be wrong.

    Any ideas?


    I tested to check/uncheck some options but no results for now.

    I would really appreciate some backup or ideas .
    If I don't have any solution I will have to skip the cinematic at the begining of the game.

    Edit: after a few test I can fade in / out but the camera movement doesn't work...


      I'm having the same problem here, when I run a Matinee in the middle of the game I loose screen touch functionality..
      I'm still trying to figure out whats going wrong.


        I still have both joysticks and I'm able to look and move but not to use the functions I added with my scripts.

        Does the matinee camera animation is working for you?


          menus and joystics are working yes, but the screen touch (pick actor script) stops working as soon as the matinee stops.
          as long as the matinee is active everything is working, i tried overriding the matinee camera from script and this seems to work, but then u have to leave the matinee looping all the time, which i dont think is a good idea (dont know).
          I ended up removing the matinee and scripting the camera movement i needed (a simple camera zoom out).

          --oh ya and i tried the "play CameraAnim" node in kismet, which was working fine in the previewer, but once i tried to deploy the game to my iPod, UDK crashes.


            Ok, same thing here.

            Which UDK version do you use?
            I'm using May because of the language bug.

            I would be interested to know if someone can achieve to make a matinee camera movement working.

            Right now it looks like a dead end so .


              I'm using the june version.
              would be nice if someone can figure out whats going wrong..


                add a toggle HUD before and after your matinee, set to hide before it plays and show after its finished, should work like a charm


                  Not working for me. I also tried to add a toggle cinema mode but the result is the same.


                    not working here too, thanks anyway


                      Just thought I would post a solution in case anyone still gets this issue. for some reason matinee stops some touch events after using it?? still can't figure out why.

                      But to get around it, you just need to reinitialize the input system and zones in your playercontroller after the matinee has finished, using the NotifyDirectorControl which is called before and after the matinee ends.

                      event NotifyDirectorControl(bool bNowControlling, SeqAct_Interp CurrentMatinee)
                      	super.NotifyDirectorControl(bNowControlling, CurrentMatinee);
                      	if (!bNowControlling)