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    Frontend Help?

    Are there any detailed tutorials or documents explaining how to use Frontend? I've pored over the UDK documentation on the subject, and while it explains a lot about the interface it leaves a lot unanswered about how to actually USE the program.

    For instance, the cook settings-- what are the differences between distribute, release, release32, etc? When do I use what?

    Why is it that often when I cook, I get the exact same cooked app as I did in earlier versions, despite the fact that I have made changes to the level?

    What do the cooked files mean? Why is one (MobileGame) much larger than the other (Distro_MobileGame)?

    If the cooked version that plays on my iPhone works, is it safe to assume that the "distro" version works just the same? Is that what I submit to Apple?

    Can I be certain that the version info that appears on the top right of my cooked and deployed game will NOT be in the final version that I upload to Apple??

    Sheesh. Thanks everybody and anybody for the help. I've spent months on this game, and it looks and works great, but I am so totally stymied on this part.