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Jumping while moving

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    Jumping while moving

    So I have a system similar to what is used in Epic Citadel, where the player moves to a location when it is touched. What I can't figure out is why when the player is moving in this mode they cannot jump.

    When I use WASD for testing on the PC, I can jump while moving no problem. But when the player is moving in "attract mode" (to use the Epic Citadel term defined in CastlePC.uc) they cannot jump. As far as I can tell it has something to do with the state the player is in, because they can jump while in the "PlayerWalking" state, but not the "PlayerTapToMove" state which I can't seem to find a definition of. I've tried using the console command through kismet, and in the runtime to make it jump while moving but to no avail.

    Can someone tell me why this is and how to change it? I'm using the January 2011 version of UDK mobile by the way.

    My theory is that the linear interpolation between points is preventing the jumping from happening, but I can't find where this is determined so I can't know for sure.