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God rays (light shafts) in mobile ?

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    God rays (light shafts) in mobile ?


    It seems the light shafts option doesn't work

    So as PostProcessing neither works, my only solution is setting up some Materials ?

    Here is my try, it really sux...

    Have you some advices please ?

    Have you tried dropping the opacity?? Like really really dropping the opacity?

    or increase the Radial blur or something? Try and adjust the settings to something radical each time.


      Here is my try with less opacity but I don't know how to put some Radial Blur (or some effect like this) on materials.

      Can you explain me ?

      Thanks again


        Someone could help me to apply some effects like Blur without postProcess in mobile ?


          Unfortunately you can't do that, you'll just have to use old fashion methods like this. Another possible way I can think of doing a similar effect is to use particles


            Solid Snake what do you think I can do in my shader to get close to a god ray ?

            I'll also try with particles


              Try rounding the edges of your light box. Then you can use a fresnel node to soften the edges. Then you'll want to add some variation so it's not a flat colour over the whole thing.

              This page could be useful:


              Careful with transparency on mobile though, it's likely to be quite a performance hit so keep it so simple scenes.


                You can't really do that Spoondog.

                You can't use a lot of the per pixel effects that is given to you in the material node editor because just remember that all materials get baked down into a texture for the iOS device to use.

                Here is the link for everyone else.


                  Ah yea... silly me. I keep forgetting. My life is lived in the material editor and the lack of it on mobile hurts

                  Should still be able to use a transparency mask at least though to get some variation and fade the hard edges? Not sure if panning the transparency mask is possible.


                    You can setup panning within mobile materials.


                      Is there any list of effects that works or doesn't on mobile ?