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How To make your Character sprint

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    How To make your Character sprint

    hey is there a way to make a button increase your characters speed [drastically] when held?

    like for example placing a button on the screen for the jazzjackrabbit map, and then setting it up through kismet so when its pressed his walking speed increases?

    using kismet only, i know theres a way, i just cant seem to get it to work.
    any ideas?

    You should use scripts for this. Just modify the GroundSpeed variable of your pawn.


      Kismet would not be the way to do this. Kismet should be used for things like triggers to open doors, turn lights on, simple cameras etc. Not gritty stuff that involves a few variables etc.

      Like Tom said, make a script for it.. it is super easy and i am sure it is covered somewhere around here.


        thanks, managed to do that, unfortunatley i have no coding experience and im having trouble connecting an increase in speed to an input.

        i tried following this tutorial here:

        but i think im having trouble binding the command to a touch input as the last bit only seems to work for keyboards (this may be totally wrong, im no programmer)


          Use this tutorial. It sets up an input zone and then you can just script in what you want it to do.

          In your PC class, have a function that is called on when your button is pressed. Its really simple.