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Problems during App Store submission process?

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    Problems during App Store submission process?

    Hi All,
    There is an issue in the IPA packaging process that prevents a game packaged with the December or January UDK releases from making it all the way thru the App Store submission process.

    You can download a fixed version of iPhonePackager.exe, which should replace the existing executable in [InstallPath]\Binaries\iPhone. For anyone who is stuck in the submission process, you need to either run the packaging step in UFE again, or run the resign tool on the IPA file you want to submit (be sure to pick a new name for the destination file). After that, resubmit the updated IPA in the same way as you originally did.

    Michael Noland

    Sweet... only took a week for my team's free app to go from Waiting For Review to In Review.... now to see how it goes..


      Good luck Allar! Cant wait to play it and give you feedback! what is it called so i can look out for it?


        Great, now we can get Fridge Raider through the filter


          Allar's StuffIt project went through the App Store successfully, but we're trying to create Ad Hoc builds of Warm Gun to send to third parties. This hotfix was the solution to the App Store issues but I'm wondering if there's a similar one that could apply to Ad Hoc distribution?

          When others try to load our game on iPad they get this error:

          error "The app "Warm Gun" was not installed on the iPad "X's iPad" because the signer is not valid."

          The mobile provision was done correctly. We tried quite a few different combinations and got the same issue, but we eventually ran into something else...

          So I was able to get the build on the IPAD. But as soon as the unreal intro movie starts I get a CRASH! Message on the UDK screen saying: UE3SYS:CRASH: /UnrealEngine3/Build/BUILD-15 It also says the wrong amount of Shaders. ???
          I can replicate this crash on my iPad. The actual error message is as follows:

          Assertion failed: Ar.Tell() == SkipOffset Deserialized the wrong amount for shader FUberHalfResPixelShader1011!  Expected archive position 173057, got position 173063.
          We'll eventually find some way to hack around this issue but it's relatively time-sensitive in nature and I figured I should at least attempt to post here.


            so the issue that i am running into is that any time my game is cooked and packaged with the game config set to Release_32 it runs fine, but when Shipping_32 is selected, the app crashes every time, i am running the feb build of udk


            so i got it to go through, but only whne i use ShippingDebug_32, but what evs, my first app made it through the review process!


              When I try to install the above linked fix for this problem the installation instantly crashes.
              I am currently hung up in the app store submission process with a codesign verification error. Is this my issue? Do I need to figure out why this fix is crashing and get it to install?? Arghhh!!!!

              EDIT: Resolved! Nevermind. Thanks!