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    Mobile Previewer Performance


    I just bought an iPhone (**** you, December release! ), so I thought I'd try UDK Mobile out.

    Now, on my PC config (Windows 7 64 bits, 2Gb RAM and an "old" 8800 GT 512 Mb), the simple courtyard is running at about 0.3 FPS in the Mobile previewer, whereas I get a constant 35 FPS when "playing on PC".

    I guess my PC doesn't like ES2.

    Has anyone experienced a similar issue and/or knows how to fix it?

    (The graphics card's drivers are up to date)

    EDIT: Oops, I didn't see there was already a similar post, but in my case, the mobile previewer is running "fine" (as in not crashing), it's just dead slow.

    I know Blade[UG] was experiencing something similar. Running the game with -es2 ran fine for him and allowed a preview of the rendering on mobile devices. It was the -simmobile switch which simulates certain mobile features (though I don't currently know exactly what that entails...sorry) that was causing him problems I believe. Can you try running your map in the game with the -es2 switch and see if that runs better. Perhaps we can narrow the problem down that way.


      I reckon -simmobile enables (among other things) the use of UDK Remote.

      In my situation ES2 really seems to be the problem as -es2 and -simmobile give the same results (i.e. extreme slowness).

      On a side note, I've noticed some seemingly inconsistent behaviours:
      - The 64 bit editor is launching the 32 bit mobile previewer
      - Play In Editor has UDK Remote disabled, while "Start this level on PC" has it enabled.