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    Yeah, I'm really not sure. I think it might be like you said, because Jazz is somewhat a "top down" view, where what I'm trying to accomplish is more of a first person camera view. I could rotate everything and see if it'd work, but then I'd have to mess with gravity and whatnot. I wasn't getting any response from your setup though m00t. No idea why.

    Just for testing purposes, I was able to implement a button press to get the desired movement, but it's not what I want as an end result. Hopefully someone can figure out what I've done incorrectly here.

    m00t, have you brought this into March's UDK? I don't think that's the issue, but it may be (for whatever reason). Man, all I want to do is one simple swipe up in the z direction, and I can't even do that :/


      yeah I generally port everything over with each build (get's tiring ... but who could resist the march build :P)

      I imagine your problem lies with the 1st person view and camera system for that (in that you are for lack of a better description the camera system!). that setup seems to be uniquely different than the 3rd person driving a mobileplaceablepawn. I really wish I understood more of the differences. a few weeks back people were going batty over a good 3rd person camera system that i'm not sure ever got solved, I know somebody shared a good deal of code towards that effort though.

      if you are in 1st person you wouldn't be driving a mobileplaceablepawn would you? so I would say that would be where your control issues are. you'd have to look in the uc's and see what is being driven by the ubersticklookzone and uberstickmovezone in those default maps, and link your z-swipes up to that rather than the MpP.

      i'm still pretty newb to this stuff, so hopefully solid snake or some guru pops by for ya.


        I wasn't able to actually gather what it is you are trying to do. Maybe you could explain it in more detail, perhaps with some images.


          I'm still pretty new with everything too, m00t. I think you're right though. The setup does seem to be used for a view that is from above. But I could be wrong of course. The way I implemented it, which was following the examples that were given, seems to only affect the X and Y axis. I tried to change it to the Z axis, but it didn't work. Sure I did something wrong or missed a step. I'm going to mess around with kismet a little bit longer, but I might go at it in code just because. It'd probably be better in code in the long run anyway.

          ffejnosliw, all I'm attempting to do is use kismet to do a swipe that moves a character and/or an object in the positive z direction. I've attached a pic of Jazz to show you. After the swipe, I'd prefer for him to fall back down due to gravity. Kind of as if he's hopping in place. I've done this with a button, but I don't feel that it's ideal and would prefer a swipe action. I would also prefer it if the "swipee" if you will couldn't hold Jazz in the air, but could only swipe him up and once he hit his height limit, he began to fall back down. Only when he hit the ground again, could he be swiped back up into the air. Hopefully this helps explain what I'm trying to do, but please don't hesitate to ask more questions if it's still too vague.

          Thank you guys for the help and input. Trudging through this is bumpy at times, so I really appreciate everything
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