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Persistent level/multiple levels?

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  • Persistent level/multiple levels?

    How are multiple levels handled in UDK? Is this possible currently?

    Are persistent levels supported on iOS?

    How does Infinity Blade handle this, or is it a special case, because it is developed with full source access?

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    It's called level streaming and I think it grabs another level file and creates it onto the current level but I'm not sure


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      Persistent levels are supported on iOS. I have confirmed that both streaming volumes and kismet streaming works on device.

      It does look like there is a bug with using kismet streaming and the play on device and play on mobile previewer from the editor. Looking into this now.

      If you cook and deploy the map from UnrealFrontend it works correctly though.


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        Ah, that explains it. Thanks for looking into this!


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          I don't know if you will read this SkaSteve but if so, the distance level streaming seems only functional on single player. It seems the maxdistance variable is being grabbed by the server and is used as a basis of whether to load a level from the point of origin and not the point of the players max distance. Any idea if this is going to be fixed on a future update?