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Is the "Shader missing" bug been fixed in UDK Dec Release?

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    Is the "Shader missing" bug been fixed in UDK Dec Release?

    According to this post: Epic Citadel has missing shaders on iPad., Both Epic Citadel and Infinity Blade are missing some shader effects (specular/bump map) when running in iPad.

    Is this bug been fixed in current UDK Dec Release?

    Please see the documentation page on mobile system settings for information on how to enable or disable graphical effects for different platforms.

    I'd suggest searching through the various Engine and MobileGame config files for the settings you're interested in to see how our defaults are setup, then tweaking them and trying it out on device.

    Also note that you can use Mobile Previewer's configuration window in the editor to select which platform's system settings you want to preview, however there are a few settings that only show up on the actual device (e.g. MSAA)