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    Mobile Previewer

    Hi Folks

    I've tried the setup on 3 machines 1 works which is ...

    Windows 7 64bit 4 gig ram 9800GTX card

    2 that don't

    Windows XP 32bit 3gig ram 9800GTX card

    Windows Vista 32 bit 3gig ram Radeon Mobility 3470 card

    The ones that don't work load the editor fine and can play in the editor no problem. The Previewer is loaded a window pops up is black and then a generic windows crash box pops up.

    Don't suppose there is anything daft that could cause this? so far as I know drivers are all up to date with latest direct X aswell.

    All the best


    I got the same problem : I can try it on PC, but when I try to test it on my iPhone 3GS, the mobile previewer crash and the udk remote is set on "sending touch and tilt info"

    I'm running the UDK on Windows XP 2go ram 7600GT


      Be glad... I can't even get the editor running. ¬_¬


        I don't know, but i have seen quite some people running Nvidia cards not being able to run this new UDK, try updating your drivers or try some older drivers.


          if u have dual monitors this can also cause complications with switching from opengl to directX try just using one monitor it might work for you.