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iOS Licensing Fees - How does it work?

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    It's funny how most of people jump in just for the profits and the first topics they visit are just those which discuss them. Everybody loves punching in dream numbers and thinking about what they want to do with the money they earn... I've been working with iOS for 2 years now and I can tell you right now that most of you are going to be disappointed with the results.

    And most don't even have a clue what UE3 is (and "awesome" is not a valid definition), not to mention some of it's more intricate components like UnrealScript... But I can already sniff a million arena shooters coming to the AppStore next week...

    Next step - Apple bans Arena shooters like fart machines.

    For now, I'm just thrilled to execute UE3-based apps (from WINDOWS!) on my iPhone 4... And the idea of a Mass Effecty game on the iPhone/iPad sends chills down my spine :$ <3


      Originally posted by Sir. Polaris View Post
      it was a joke aZzy
      Lol I was adding what I did to the end of your joke haha :P sorry lol.
      And I had a look at that link, very help full and thanks for taking the time to do it

      Curious, haha I totally agree. I but I think peoples dreams will be shattered when they realize that they have to have a Mac or the OSX in order to actually put the app on the app store, or even use the dev kit :P

      Oh well, I guess if people were dedicated enough I guess these things could happen but I think it will be the really unique, well thought out games that will be the most successful.


        Exactly. My current objective is to feed my fascination and maybe after I'll try feeding my pocket.


          azzy, seems most people must know -someone- with a Mac..