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Visual Studio and nFringe configuration

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    Visual Studio and nFringe configuration

    I think that some of us will have a trouble with nFringe configuration using MobileGame and MobileSources.

    If someone will successful configure it - please post an quick Tutorial.

    (messing with it now, if I'll get it running I'll post an quick tutorial)

    Here's the error - adding it for google search :P
    Error	11	Script file could not be found: 'Classes\MyGameInfo.uc'
    My binary file should be UDKMobile.exe or UDK.exe?

    Maybe nFringe isn't working with new release (for Mobile dev)...anyone? Still can't build my scripts..

    I'll be grateful if someone can tell me how to compile my scripts to Mobile...there is a lot of .ini files, and mobileeditor isn't loading my scripts.

    I will try to bump this

    Please let us know how to configure .ini files to compile our custom mobile scripts, and how to get them loaded by mobile editor. Informations about working IDE with new build will be appreciated.


      well, to compile for mobile, you'll need to set the compiler to use UDKMobile not UDK .. and that's probably about it. It might need to know that the target directory is MobileGame not UDKGame... not sure if that's relevant.


        Im using UDKMobile.exe. How to change target directory?

        I think that we will have the same question couple of times here when people will try to script something without using kismet:P

        Blade which compiler are you using with new UDK?


          I haven't tried to build anything for mobile at this moment, but I wouldn't have a problem setting up WOTgreal to do it. Only thing I've done so far, is run "udkmobile make -full" from the command line.


            Thanks for answer. Can you please tell me how to configure .ini files to load my compiled scripts to mobileEditor? Now I just can't select my game type. (extending from mobile game)

            basically nFring isn't working with mobile yet. I'm using UDK cook tool to compile my scripts. (added my custom game directory to DefaultEngineUDK.ini)


              Other than adding it to EditPackages, I'm sorry, I don't know. I wasn't involved with any of the iOS development at Trendy, so this is my first 4 hours of experience, too


                There is only one place with EditPackages and I have changed it to my script name, but it isn't making mobile editor to load my scripts.

                understand, hopefully someone will be able to answer me here (I'm big fan of kismet but I love to implement my core functionality using unreal script)

                ah **** when I have restarted editor MyGameInfo is there ;p


                  Now I have another problem I'm using my custom game type in editor, when running it on PC it's using my game info but when I've loaded it to device it isnt using it....