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Chicken Coup demo from Trendy

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    Please nobody get mad at me, because I'm sure that the answer to my question is somewhere in here, but I've done my best to find a solution and I can't. Once again, forgive me if this is a "nooby" question, but I desperately need help. I just downloaded UDK earlier today. I've watched a few tutorials and people seem to have a regular UDK and then a UDK mobile program. Mine is just one, but there seems to be mobile funcionailty within it, so I'm assuming that I downloaded the latest version, which incorporates both aspects. Anyway, I downloaded the chicken coup file in hopes of toying around with it to further my understanding of the development kit. There was a small .txt file in there with brief instructions on how to open the file, but I just can't get it to work. Where am I supposed to copy and paste the "chicken coup UDK source" folder? I've gone into UDK and then selected the chicken coup map but when it loads, it's just a black screen with a lot of bounding boxes and I get this message: "the following assets cannot be found. any references to them are set to null". Any help would be greatly appreciated and once again, I apologize if this is annoying or in the wrong forum, I'm just new to this whole thing.

    Edit: I saw the above message but I still have the problem. I can't download all the way back to 2010, but I can download the february 2012 version. Hopefully it will work in there?


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