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Attaching a Player to a skeletal mesh socket (A vehicle)

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    Attaching a Player to a skeletal mesh socket (A vehicle)


    I am looking for an easy way to attach a player (player0) to a socket that was created on a separate skeletal mesh. The separate skeletal mesh is a model of a Metro train and the socket would represent a seat. I bring it into Unreal, and I have tried using Kismet's attach to actor which is connected to a trigger, so when the play walks up to the door which has the trigger overlapping it, he attaches to the socket of the Metro skeletal mesh object, but the attach NEVER works. If I reverse the 'Target' and 'Attachment' parameters of the Attach-To-Actor kismet object, then the metro train will obediently attach TO THE PLAYER's skeleton, but the player will NEVER attach to the Metro skeletal mesh. Why is this? Note: I have no UC scripting associated with this Metro skeletal model. Do I need this?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?


    Is the goal to carry a player along a moving train? If so, then changing player-0 physics to Phys_Interpolating may help. You can use similar tricks for carrying players along moving elevators / modular-mesh craft etc. But in general Attach-to-actor & Kismet is pretty unpredictable, and it isn't multiplayer safe either so its best to create vehicles using UC. For that look to code samples from Gaz661 & Tegleg... Here's a recent example by Gaz661: 'you can even free walk in the cargo bay whilst the bot flys'


      as frankit says,setting the players physics to Phys_Interpolating will will also need to set the position of the player to the socket or bone,a bone will probably work better.

      you do not need to make the mesh a vehicle with a .uc for this to work.