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Trouble with scale on Play Anim Montage blueprint node

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    Well that's embarrassing. Sorry for the mix-up and thanks!

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    Blueprints, you want UE4 Forums:

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  • Trouble with scale on Play Anim Montage blueprint node

    Here is my setup:
    • I have a animation blueprint with a Blend Poses by Bool node to pick between my locomotion and a fullbody slot (both blend times are 0)
    • I have an animation montage with a single animation (just made the montage so I could play it from my character blueprint)
    • In my character blueprint when I want to play the animation I set the bool that the animation blueprint uses to pick the fullbody slot and execute a Play Anim Montage node on the fullbody slot

    This works great, except that the animation I authored is a bit too long. Setting the scale to less than 1 slows the animation down, so I figured I could bump it to 2 or 3 to make it play at double or triple speed. Instead, it seems like it only plays part of my animation and actually interpolates back to the starting pose. The end pose of the animation is nowhere near the start pose, so that caught me pretty off guard.

    My best guess as to what is happening is that the animation is looping somehow and by speeding it up I'm blending between some samples partway through the animation and then further samples back at the beginning as I loop around. I can't find any settings to make sure the animation holds the pose on the last frame until I tell it to play again, and maybe I'm wrong and something else is happening when I use a scale value greater than 1 for playing that animation.

    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it!