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Mixamo import of Animation

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    Mixamo import of Animation

    I've downloaded some Mixamo animations which all work fine on my model in motion builder, Poser and 3DS Max.

    However when I import the fbx I download from Mixamo into UDK I only get the first frame, subsequent frames are not imported.

    I then thought I'd export from Poser, Max and Motion builder and see if it works in UDK. It is different in that the import does import all frames but my mesh becomes distorted.

    There are no morphs so am at a bit of loss as to how to progress ... any ideas, if anyone is still about?

    try using actorx instaed of fbx.

    or for newer versions of max


      Worth a try, forgot about actor x. The anim imports, the figure is not distorted but the figure stays rooted to the spot, appears any movement of the pelvis is not applied


        Found a work around solution.

        1. export from mixamo
        2. import fbx to max
        3. save as a max file
        4. close file then reopen file
        5. export fbx from max
        6. import into udk

        Someone has a bug somewhere but at least it works ...


          nice one,will give try that myself.