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Exporting animations from UDK and into Maya results in a bloated Skeletal Mesh?!

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    Exporting animations from UDK and into Maya results in a bloated Skeletal Mesh?!

    Hey, guys. I've got a rather strange problem that's never happened to me before. So. I'm working with a model of Sonic the Hedgehog that I got with the Sonic GDK fangame project. I am attempting to alter some of the character animations in Maya and then re-import them back into UDK. However, when I export the animation FBX file from UDK and import it into Maya the model not only ends up upside down, (a problem that's not really a big deal to me) but the mesh ends up quite a bit larger than the skeleton, distorting it and making it unable to follow the skeleton properly. Scaling the model down merely makes the model smaller, but not any less distorted.

    If I export the animation from UDK and opt out of exporting the skeletal mesh instead I am able to import it into Maya and work with the skeleton. This is doable, but it is very annoying to have to export the animation and import it into UDK to see if it looks any good when the mesh gets involved. I'd like to be able to work with the mesh properly rigged to the skeleton in Maya so I can see how the animations affect the mesh before I export.

    Here's what's goin' on:

    Any idea what might be going on here?

    im not sure how your even exporting an anim from udk.i have to resort to 3rd party software to do this,but this is most likely because I use actorx instead of fbx.but even this way I sometimes get the same problem as you describe.

    if you can export the anim to fbx,can you import the fbx into your maya scene with the original skel and max if I import a skel with the same bones as an existing skel,the anim is transferred.or does this give the same result?


      Originally posted by gaz661 View Post
      im not sure how your even exporting an anim from udk.
      Don't you just do this? Is there another method that I am unaware of by which I can export single animations and edit them in Maya?

      That's what I'm doing. I export the animation from UDK as an FBX containing the animation, the skeleton and the mesh. The animation and skeleton import fine into Maya, save it being upside down. The Mesh, however, comes up bloated.


        as I say,i use actorx and an older version of udk.i don't get that highlighted option in my skeletal meshes.

        this is what I use,it wont hurt to give it a try.


          sorry,looks like there is no importer for maya,just the exporter.


            Okay, thanks for the help anyway.

            Does anyone who works with a more recent version of UDK know what might be going on here? If not, how does one edit animations individually now-a-days in the more recent builds of UDK?