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Help with maya rigging?

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    Help with maya rigging?

    So i'm trying to rig a character model, first I used max with biped, didn't pan out too nice. Then with maya I was able to get bit better results using the Epic games toolkit. buut still it seems to go wrong constantly and I'm tired after 4 days of trying to rig this basic human model so, I though of asking some help.

    So, if anyone could rig this character in maya or in any program they prefer to use to work in the UDK kit engine I'd be super thankful!

    Here is the model:

    If not fully rig it just give some proper tool tips how to get the skin to wrap more nicely in maya singe It is getting deformed and looks bad, especially when moving the fingers around

    Ah, where to start... probably you should rig a less complex item, something simple in your project. Simple, small - so from beginning to end the process will be short. Whereas your human is large and the process from beginning to end will be long, and you will get very tired :/ Making something simple you'll learn more quickly.

    I'm sorry, I don't know how texturing works in Maya, (I only did lightmaps in that program) but find tutorials. I use Blender for texturing, and Blender uses seams - so that the unwrap is correct for the model texture.I notice your human, you haven't unwrapped. It has many small squares of texture... and you said you don't know how to unwrap yet. The idea of unwrap is you lay out sections on top of your picture exactly where you want them. eg: unwrap the top of his hand on to your picture. (the "unwrap" is like a transparent cloth wrapped around the mesh, now unwrapped on to your picture). Using the outline of the unwrap you draw/paint the curves of his hand using a skin colour.

    Notice in Maya there are modes - object mode, vertex mode, faces mode - these modes are important to realize. Each mode has a different purpose, probably select faces mode for unwrap...? Selecting faces makes sense - you select particular faces, eg, those of the hand and then overlay them on your pic... But I'm guessing - from memory of lightmaps - there will be many unwrap tutorials.

    But skinning, weight painting, anims in Maya I know how, so I began skinning your human rig. But skinning in bones is the easy. Next is weight painting, which is connecting bones to mesh, then animating, and by that time you will be screaming, because I usually am, heh.

    Start with some small items in your project...