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Wierd Animation Problem! Import fails to import Full length of Animation.

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    Wierd Animation Problem! Import fails to import Full length of Animation.

    Ok, I'm at a lost... been scratching my head for a week on this.

    I make my mode, bones, animate fully in Blender. I export via FBX, I make sure it exports the animations and bones.

    I import them into UDK, it causes 2 really strange problems.

    #1. It imports the animations but only HALF the animation. EG: My reload animation gets halfway through then starts over. It seems any anything longer then a gun shooting it won't seem to import.

    #2. Once imported the bone list has tons of extra animations. Has the gun upside down playing the animation, the gun pointing down with no animations and then the actually animations that I want to use. Its annoying having to figure out which is which.

    My only ideas are is this a Blender issue? I have Maya and 3D Studio Max.. but I learned on Blender and enjoy using it much more.
    Should I relearn 3D Studio Max... will this fix my issue? Or is a setting I have wrong somewhere on the export or import.

    Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

    For #1. Have your animation a morph target included? I had the same problem when I added Morph Targets with animations.

    For #2, if I understood correctly, your character has a lot of extra, unnecessary, animations. For stances as direction weapon aiming, you have to use AimNode and variations, tweaking it inside the animTree editor and calling it from your Pawn class.
    But if your problem is just to identify each animation, you'll have to name them in an easy way to read.


      I have this problem too often, as AmyP says the morphs are the principal reason.

      Usually I resolve this doing a reset of all the morphs in the last frame, the UDK imports correctly from 0 to last_frame-1.

      Sometimes don't works because in the middle of the animation are some morph reset.