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Universal Modular Entity Construction System for UDK

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    Modular Turret Entity

    UMECHS is more than just modular parts for appearance, its about modular functionality too.


      Hi guys, how is this project progressing ? I see a lot of good stuff here. Did UE4 change things in some way ?


        Hi davek,

        With UE4 there comes new developments. In fact, the EPIC developers are dedicating a blog. As UMECHS is based on the use skeletal mesh Rigs, its animation-centric, regardless if animation is used. The UE4 Montage animation system may introduce some changes that UMECHS will adopt. We're in dire need of input from the Artist perspective.


          Thanks for your answer.
          While I consider myself an all-round guy, at this point of time I am unable to lend a hand in this project.
          I do however see the potential here, best of luck to you!


            The UMECHS Compendium of Interchangeable Modular Entity Asset Parts

            Hello Everyone, I'm in the planning stages for the UMECHS Compendium of Interchangeable Modular Entity Asset Parts for the UE4 Marketplace. I'm a code-centric Game Dev, and for me producing Game Content is a significant challenge and obviously in the highest demand. Unfortunately, I don't have a large budget, which makes Online Marketplaces selling content for reasonable prices extremely appealing. A reasonable price point, geared for distribution to the masses, under non-exclusive licensing. If you're like me, we strongly desire our games to be populated with distinctive entities that standout from the rest. This presents a dilemma.

            I'm faced with the decision to either purchase content with intention to modify it or walk away empty-handed. In the good ole days, modifying textures and materials was enough to transform a store-bought asset into something unique. Today, it requires considerably more work, which is counter productive to purchasing assets in the first place. I usually end up walking away and no profit for the Asset Seller.

            I realized that a possible solution to this dilemma could be similar to what many MMORPGs implement to provide millions of Players distinct Characters: Modularity and Customization. Thus, I went on a quest in search of a Online Market that specialized in interchangeable parts for all types of Game Entities: Character Head/Body, Vehicle/Machines, Melee Weapons, Projectile Weapons, Architecture, Structures, Furniture, Plants, Hybrids, and whatever.

            Unfortunately, no such Marketplace exists. The question is Why Not? Is it due to few Artist enjoy producing interchangeable parts? Is it due to few Game Producers desire or require interchangeable parts in their games? My answer is to the Why Not is two-fold, 1) the need wasn't recognized, 2) no Dedicated System was in place to support this.

            Until now...

            The UMECHS Compendium.

            The UMECHS Compendium will:
            1. Provide an extensible system of assembly for in-game customization of most Game Entities.
            2. Support prefabrication of a various Entities with Parts to provide more in-game Content on a smaller budget of assets, time, money.
            3. Provide numerous layers of modularity to offer Game Producers a means to generate unique Entities via customization.
            4. Allow Game Producers to selectively expose parts of the Assembly System to their Player-base for customizing Characters and more.
            5. Supply the Assembly System with High-quality Interchangeable Asset Parts, Parts Packs, Entity Packs, Entity Collections, Theme Packs.

            The UMECHS Compendium is a Full-Service System: Managed Specifications, Template Assets: Rigs, Skeletal Meshes, Materials, and Blueprint Module/Custom C++ Libraries to support in-game, local/networked, assembly|dis-assembly/modification/animation, optimization of Modular Game Entities. These systems work together to provide Game Producers with a Content Management System to populate their game worlds with Entities; provide Artist a foundation in which to author interchangeable assets automatically within spec, with full creative freedom.

            Mass Customization is the wave of the future. The UMECHS Compendium is designed specifically for authoring Assets for mass distribution in a open online Marketplace. Additionally, it provides a powerful in-game customization system for Game Developers that can used in multiple products. Game Developers like me desire unique and near-exclusive entities for our games and we can achieve this with ability to customize them. I'm seeking Feedback from both Artists and Game Producers. Thanks for reading the massive wall of text.