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Importing Mass Effect 2 animations

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  • Importing Mass Effect 2 animations

    I'm trying to get some mass effect 2 animations. I have successfully imported the skeletal meshes. But when I try to import the animations (.psa)- UDK gives me an error saying something about there are no actors for this animation to be applied to. Has anyone else tried to import these animations?

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    Doing that is infringing on the companies rights. You're better off making your own animations and meshes. No one will help you rip contents from other games.

    Its written on the UDK EULA


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      I get the impression bioware is alright with it from this thread:
      Exracting mesh and textures | Bioware Social Network, which is a year old and hasn't yet been taken down. I was also under the impression that there were no rules on what you could use for personal use in the UDK EULA- I do not intend this for a commercial project, nor to release at all (unless you count showing it to a few friends).


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        Just because they haven't taken it down doesn't mean they're OK with it.

        UDK's EULA does not extend to other works, even if it did they specifically state against using copyrighted content. I can assure you that there's some statement for Mass Effect that prohibits the reverse engineering of the game, which is what this would be.


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          I did a search on The Bioware forums for "extracting" in the Mass Effect section. None of the topics were ended with any kind of legal issue. One thread even involved porting textures over to The Sims 2, which, legally, is exactly what I'm doing. My point is that there is no opposition on Bioware's part to this kind of behaviour (at least it's a VERY safe assumption). And don't forget the famous mass effect 2 machinima's by Kootra (using mass effect 2 assets), on youtube. I'm pretty sure that if bioware objected, then they would have requested its removal by now- which they haven't.

          Further clarification on the issue: Tried dragging them into the content browser, and I get the error: "There is no actor factory for this filetype"

          Tried importing them with the import PSA option when I have a skeletal mesh open and the animation is severely messed up, there is some movement, but the body pretty much stays rigid and rotates slightly (1/2 degrees in each axis). Tried this with both .psk skm's and .fbx skm's


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            It's not legal at all. In any case--again, just because they haven't done anything about it doesn't make it OK. Unless you get written permission from Bioware then it's not OK


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              Copying a cd and giving it to a friend is personal use, not commercial, but it's still illegal. Keep that in mind.