Hey there. I've got a bit of a problem with my skeletalmesh playing an animtree sequence in matinee. I'm trying to get two different animations playing at two different speeds. Here is the link to my animtree network setup.

Snapshot here:

I have two UDKAnimBlendBySlotActive nodes -- one that only animates the bones that affect the wings and uses a flying animation, and one to animate everything else through the root bone located in the head. I don't want to have to create wing flapping animations for EVERY animation I import into the set, so I figure the savvy thing to do is to animate only the wings flapping in a separate animation, and then leave the wings alone in all other subsequent animations so that UDK will blend them together.

I have a "bn_wingThorax01" bone in my skeletalMeshActor that's used to tie both the left and right wings together (the wing rig is a "v" shape of sorts, consisting of 4 bones total). Said bone is also parented under the "bn_head01" root bone. (I mention this in case this proves to be part of the problem of UDK not interpolating between the two animations properly because of a parenting conflicts.)

I've set different playrates for both the Idle and the Flying slots in Matinee and these show up properly in the editor during matinee preview. Wings play at 3x playrate, rest of the body plays at 0.5x (half) playrate. But here's the kicker. When playing in PIE or PC mode, the animation of EVERYTHING -- wings AND body -- are playing at the SAME constant rate equally! And it looks horrible! The matinee-specified playrates in-game are completely ignored! I don't understand... why is that happening? I want the Flying and Idle animation speeds to be different!

Here is a link to a video to show you what I mean.
http://twinsaints.dreamhosters.com/4...neeProblem.wmv (bear in mind, this is Camtasia so it only captured at a very choppy 15FPS. Sorry for that. It should still get the point across, however.

Why would this work through the matinee editor, but not in the actual game? (Using August 2011 build)

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?