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How do I convert a bone based animation to biped (.bip,bvh)

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  • How do I convert a bone based animation to biped (.bip,bvh)

    I have a file in FBX format with an animated human character skinned using the skin modifier and and using a 3ds max bone rig. I want to extract the motion and save it as a BVH or .BIP file so that I can use it with Character studio. How can I go about that?

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    I haven't actually tested this myself but it might be possible through constraining the biped to the bones in some key places. But with that said, even before trying it I'm not sure that would work. Constrained objects usually don't "register" as animated within Max. I'm not sure how this translates to biped since I've never done this with biped. So, what I mean is, if you constrain the biped and it does in fact allow you to do so and it moves along with the skeleton, I don't think that result in motion can be exported as animation. But this is all theory, you'd have to try and see if it worked.

    You might also look into Max's ability to save out animation and then load it back on another object. In this case of course try load it on the biped. This is probably only an option if the bone rig is animated on the bones themselves and not by some dummy controllers or something and you match your biped structure to the bones structure. I find this method is however quite tricky even under the best of circumstances so even though worth checking it out, it's not guaranteed to be a solution. Again, you'd have to try and see if it worked.

    The only sure way is to key the biped manually on top of the bones. Possibly using the align tool can make life easy to accomplish this granted the pivot orientations match otherwise it can only be partly useful. But, manually keying them is the only sure fire way I can think of that will work regardless of basically anything.

    Not sure if anyone else would have more direct or useful advice in this area, but this is what I can think of.


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      Yea, that is how Epic made the UT3 stuff. Constraing bones to a biped and baking the animations. See GeoDevs videos.