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zbrush to UDK

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  • zbrush to UDK

    just a quick question how do you turn a model from zbrush to a lowwer (sorry for spelling) polly model with a normal map.

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    or you simple could export it to .obj and import it back to 3ds or maya and get your normal-maps from there.

    Oh and dont get me wrong, but thats a question for google


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      sorry about that :P it is just i searched google and everyting but i am still confused about the whole proccess. like do you create a normal map with the high polly model then use the Decimation Master to make it a lowwer polly model for better use in game and apply the normal map to the lowwer polly model?


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        I personally create the low-poly model first but thats something you can decide by your own, because it didn't really matter if you first start with the high or low-poly. But yes in general i get my normal-maps from the high-poly model.

        But before you start to make high-poly models of every mesh that you will have in your map, ask yourself a question. "Is it something that should catch the players attention?"
        If not its fully ok to create the normal-maps from their textures with CrazyBump, (what i recommend) xNormal or nVidias NormalmapTool. The reason is simple, it saves alot³ of time.


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          thx for you help


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            pieforyou, the best way that i know of, would to take your highpoly model in zbrush. select the zsphere tool (NOT 3d sphere or polyshpere), scroll down to the rigging tool, select mesh, choose the highpoly model, in the tool menu go to topology/edit topology and then start drawing new topology for a low poly version. you can turn on projection to start taking details from the high poly. once you're done, you'll have to export the new low poly model into 3ds max to unwrap the UV. Then import the unwrapped low poly back into zbrush, into the same subtool that you exported from, go to the lowest geometry setting then make your normal map.


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              Decimaster is not recommended if you are using character.