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UV Maps problem

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    UV Maps problem

    I imported models from Blender and I have quite a big problem. In Blender I have 3 UV maps but when I imported model to UDK i can't assign UV maps to textures.
    Thank for answers

    You have to create a shader,apply the texture to it and than apply the shader to the mesh.


      Ok. When I'm editing a material which I imported with mesh from Blender I'm putting here shaders. About specularity and so on. But I need to apply this specific material to different UV map (but to the same mesh) because UDK in basic cases assign imported materials to the basic UV map.

      In other words...
      I have mesh with imported materials in UDK and I need to assign some materials to different UV maps than the basic UV map. So I need something like UV-map-shader in Unreal Material Editor.

      (of course I have imported more then one UV map with the mesh and I can check them in Unreal Mesh Editor)

      Thanks for watching


        If your model is separated in diffrent uv maps and needs more than one shader than before you export from blender you have to make a few shaders(like lambert or blin)and assign diffrent color to them.For example:

        If you have in blender a 3d mobile phone model with uvs for the body of the phone and second uvs for the screen of the phone.You have to make 2 shaders with diffrent color.Lets say the first one is red colored and you apply it to the body of the phone and the second shader is blue and you apply it to the screen of the phone.Now if you export the model from blender like that in udk when you click 2 times on the imported model you will see that you have 2 material shader slots,each for a diffrent uv map.