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Using Blender models in UDK

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    Using Blender models in UDK

    Is it possible to add models ( maybe even character models ) to UDK ? I know it is possible in Unreal engine 4, but what about UDK?
    Also I don't know much about importing them cuz I'm a noob in game developing, so, can someone tell me how?

    You can import models from any program as long as you export them and import them as a fbx.If you are new to this things and probably burning to know everything like i was than there is no shortcut.I sujest leaving the 3d models apart and learning udk as it is.It has a lot of models to try and the best thing to start udk in my opinion is an old very long video tutorial series based on the unreal engine in the 3d buzz web page.They have a series about the old ut3 editor and udk.And something i say to everyone,if you are planing on going pro i sujest trying to use another game engine as udk is not updated anymore and in th efuture you will not get much help from the forums(appart from the tons of documentation and thousands of useful posts.)If you are just learning the curve go with udk and you will be happy.