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  • stretch?

    Ok so I am making this map and I need some tall walls for elevators but when I use a stock UDK wall then scale it up to make it taller it stretches the texture and then looks bad. Any way to fix this?

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    Stock UDK walls? If you're referring to static mesh that came with UDK in the content browser, you should go into its materials and add repeats. But this will scale all meshes that uses this material so you should make a copy (of the mesh AND the material) before applying texture repeats. And I have no idea which wall you're referring to so this may or may not work depending on its pattern and texture being used.

    Otherwise, you may just copy and stack the walls instead of stretching it. Best way is to make your own wall.


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      Yea the best way is to make your own but i'm bad at 3d modeling and I don't really know how to convert 3ds max sizes to UDK. And yes the normal static mesh's that come with UDK. How am I supposed to back it up if its in the .upk package I can't seem to find out how to unpack. Also If I make a material import a texture and apply it to the material then use that material ingame on the stock walls then try to save it it saysy it can't cause its an external source and it can't find it. How do I fix this?


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        Right click on the mesh/material and choose copy. Never use external package. Save all your packages and levels inside UDKGame/Content. I suggest you start with some basic tutorials. It only takes few hours to go through most of the basics and it will save you these questions.


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          When you scale a static mesh, the shape of it elongates but the UV's stay the same shape, so the texture will always stretch. The only way to fix it is to make your own mesh, or uniformly scale the original one you're using.