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Problem importing static meshes from 3d max...

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  • Problem importing static meshes from 3d max...

    I have watched several tutorials on how to import my stuff into udk I follow all the steps listed here...

    When i import it into udk... The mesh is super small and the scaling moves the model across the screen... I dont know if any one knows where im going wrong... It looks like this..

    I circled the problem areas...

    I have my mesh selected but its in 2 different spots... HELP!

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    Reset your pivot point to the object center, and reset your objects position to the origin inside 3ds max.


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      additional - in max, using Pivot Only , use the Reset Scale and Reset Transform buttons. meshes will be displayed at scale 1,1,1 at position 0,0,0 with rotation 0,0,0 in udk , so make sure your mesh is where you want it with the pivot set at these values (max's scale is percent so scale should be 100,100,100)

      other things to check -
      udk will weld verts which are very close together or are in identical positions. make sure you weld all verts and remove isolated verts before exporting - vert welding will probably change your smoothgroups and may interfere with your uv so dont leave this up to udk

      an offshoot problem of the above, if youre importing a VERY SMALL mesh (perhaps you have your file unit scale set to millimeters etc) udk will not have the precision to keep your verts seperate, and will weld them, leading to destruction of the model.

      uv maps - make sure your uv verts are also welded. every uv face that is needlessly disconnected adds to the vert count. if you're mirroring or tiling uvs and they can be welded on top of one another, its worth doing.

      in unreal, a human is about 96 units high. a corridoor is about 128 wide. in max, it doesnt matter what units you're using, as long as you figure things in whole units. so with a file unit scale of millimeters, 96mm = 96 uu . with a file unit scale of kilometers, 96km still = 96uu.