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Russian village (first UDK work)

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  • Russian village (first UDK work)

    static meshes buildings, pipes, fences, poles belong to me. You can download them here and free to use anywhere.

    Mirror for download

    first UDK work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hello, I really like the houses you've done here.

    I have few minor suggestions though:

    First, the shadows look strange in some places, it's especially apparent on the shadows cast by the green fence. There is a huge light bleed from underneath the fence, not sure why. Maybe increasing the lightmap resolution will fix that. (increase lightmap res number for Static Meshes, decrease for BSP)

    Second, The stone size on the road seems too big. I guess it would've been fine if not for all the dried up leaves being over-sized as well. It kind of throws off the whole scale of the scene. Maybe find/create a similar material without the leaves to use at this size or reduce your existing material's size.

    Third, play around with your specular settings in your materials. The houses shine too much in my opinion. Perhaps reduce it. Also, using an actual specular mask to provide varying shininess throughout your materials would be a good idea to create more detail.

    These are just some pointers that can perhaps quickly improve your scene. Either way, I think it is a very good first time project!


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      Thanks, I'll fix your observations in other projects. This Architectural project was created as a test to put my models in the UDK. The time spent at the Architectural project for three hours.


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        Those leaves made your houses look tiny.


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          it, is pretty.

          The textures, and leaves give it a cartoony charm, like they are toys or something.

          Thank you very much for sharing.