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My Interactive Architecture in UDK

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    My Interactive Architecture in UDK

    Hello guys, I would like to show you this project.

    This is a good forum to show my work, and receive some comments.

    I am always looking the game industry, working with some engines and meeting people that make Interactive Architecture. Today I see the real possibility to make Architecture without the need to render. Of course we have some limitations and the opmized work, but one time did, the possibility to update and look all in real time is fantastic!

    I am really satisfied with the actual tools of the UDK, for example in the light solution, we see radiosity (created in Mirror's Edge game if I am not wrong), and a lot more cool features.

    Ok, so I will post some images, and if you want to see a HD YOUTUBE VIDEO you can click here:

    Thanks for comments and have a good work in UDK.

    Segue algumas imagens:

    Looking good dude!

    I like the outside greenery and that.. Were these made in speedtree?

    Only comment and crit from myself would be the speed you walk around at wants to be slower so it's more like a real persons pace. Reference a real distance in the model and time in real life how long it takes to walk it and see if you can get it to match and see how it feels.

    Top work though!



      awesome!!!very nice lighting....

      very good framerate what pc spec u running?


        Really nice work, would love to see some wireframes if you could post some.


          Also, from watching the videos, I really think you should have put the extra 10% effort in and tried to refrain from using content that came with UDK. The foliage is fine, but the pillars and lights totally throw the viewer.

          Still, your lighting and architecture modelling is top notch.


            Originally posted by benprince85 View Post
            Looking good dude!
            I like the outside greenery and that.. Were these made in speedtree?
            those are UDK's default assets. most of them. im pretty sure of it.

            but I commended you, banzato on your placement, your lighting and your architecture. looks sweet


              benprince85 The floor vegetation is from UDK, but some trees like coconut palm are from speedtree. I already have a 0.7 speed, 1.0 is to fast. Maybe 0.5 should be more natural but a little slow.

              horoxhoro Thanks man, I am using a xeon computer but I saw the level very nice on a IMac 21" with radeon videocard. I beliave with a GeForce 8800GT or better can make good results.

              Piranhi Alright, I have to prepare some screens with wireframe. Is there any console command that shows wireframe? Thanks, I tried to show a good way for architecture works.

              Roxez Yeah, there are lot UDK's default assets, that helped me a lot. Thanks.


                hi ! very cool !... i like your lightning too
                How do you spawn your vegetion ?
                Did you use foliage ?


                  blz banzato.

                  achei engraçado vc trocar de lingua na ultima frase antes das fotos...heheheh

                  "Thanks for comments and have a good work in UDK.

                  Segue algumas imagens:"

                  esqueceu que o forum é inglês?

                  gostei muito do seu trabalho e fiquei interessado no conteudo dos cursos.

                  tem como a gente falar mais deles?


                    WOW! Really shows off what you can do with arch viz and the UDK. Awesome work!
                    And like others have said, the speed is rather fast. Half that speed I think would be best... ??


                      Wow, thats nice!
                      I was wondering how much effort did you put to achieve such clean lighting and look, since one of the most annoying thing in UDK is to achieve clean surfaces and clean lighting, I was wondering if you could share some of those settings

                      Except for the AO ( I suppose you did not remove the realtime SSAO ) and some specular problems on the wall ( 2nd picture, this is caused usually by bad UV ) it looks really nice

                      Another thing: how much time did you spent to put all the geometry in place? I know that you can import just one mesh at the time into the Editor, so it was really time consuming, or did you find a quick way to setup all the stuff?


                        denfound Hello, for the vegetation I placed every element one by one. For the grass I make copy of groups but I needed to look every element of the level to see if it was ok with the architecture.

                        kbecker76 hahaha, é verdade, não tinha percebido. Podemos conversar, voce pode mandar um e-mail para info @ tonka3d com br

                        digitalputty haha, you right, I think is because I play a lot fps games, lol. I ran a little fast to show you all the details in less time. If you crouch you see a slow movement.

                        RT-Visualization Hi, in fact I am always looking the new tools of UDK. The light system now is very good, really easy to make but the objects from 3DMax must be very good in terms of construction and UV. That "specular" visual problem is a problem caused by the lightmass calculation, it is strange but I can not tell you right now what is the exactly type of problem.

                        Some of you asked me if I could post some wireframe images, so here are some examples of the light and wireframe of my objetcs. Hope you like.


                          The lighting seems very balanced and feel natural. Well done. I would do away with ambient occlusion however. It does work somewhat in the exterior but not in interior. You could use separate PP volume in the interior and turn it off.


                            Felicitacoes! Eu nao falo portugueis, mais eu falo espanhol e tenho noshoes de portugueis. Hermoso trabalho!


                              Stunning details!
                              Its just amazing work.
                              I like the way the interior looks.