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Photo Camera

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  • Photo Camera


    I´m making and ArchViz and i would like to implement something like a photo camera.
    The idea is to implement some controls like adjusting the zoom and focus distance.
    So the first questions is how to control post process effects (DOF)in runtime for focus.
    Second is how to frame , the zoom in and out and hold the view for screenshot.
    Third is how keep the camera HUD for a tiled shot so it doesn´t repeat when the screenshot is saved.
    Anyone any idea.
    Thank you.

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    first one, dont know but it probably can be done with script, search udn for this.
    second, zoom and stuff is in the camera code, maybe have a look at the sniper rifle floating around on this forum, it has a zoom.
    dont understand the third question.

    all of it involves scripting.


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      Thank´s TegLeg,
      Yes i was thinking in using the sniper rifle as starting point but i don´t even know where to start.
      For the focus i guess i should control via kismet the DOF in a post process volume but same thing, no clue on how to do it.
      And what i meant in the third questions is that if i take a high res screenshot the hud apears tiled on the screenshot and i would like to have a HUD that imitates the photo camera finder.
      Also would be very interesting making some sliders with scaleform but i don´t have the knolegede, so i was hoping someone could put me in the right path.
      Thanks again.