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Changing default character to custom character

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    Changing default character to custom character

    Hi everyone,

    So I've been spending the past couple of days following numerous tutorials online to get my character to become the new default character as I navigate my level, and I've finally got the character to be recognized, but there are a few things not quite working.

    First, the camera view is attached almost at hand height, and is pointed towards the character instead of forward. I'm not quite sure how to get the camera into a 3rd person view and facing forward. (I've followed some tutorials online to no avail, and I want a permanent 3rd person view, unlike typing 'behindview' in editor preview.

    Second, even though I have specified my character's AnimTree and AnimSet in the code, it is not recognized in game. The character appears to just float along space when it should be walking.

    Lastly, materials. I've also specified the 5 materials on my character (the same way I did when I applied the material to my character via the Content Browser), but they are not appearing in preview.

    This can all be seen in the attached photo. The character on the right is my properly materialized static mesh, while the one on the left is the one I am having issues with.

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you,

    I am having similar problems as you but, as far as the camera view appearing to be wrong id say its more likely the mesh is positioned wrong, open up UDK goto your mesh in the animset editor and in the meshes properties you can set the x,y,z origin and also the Rotation origin so that your character is positioned correctly.

    also there's a very specific guide to a 3rd person camera setup at


      (Why is this under "architecture?")

      1. All you need to do is make a simple kismet seqence with the behindview command run on level loaded.

      2. Animations uses specific names to be recognized. If I for instance want to create a weapon, the fire animations has to be named WeaponFire and WeaponAltFire, animations with other names will be there, but not used.
      The same way, pawn animations need to follow specific names. (Unless you have coded it to recognize other names instead) I do not currently know what the names of those animations sequences are, but all you need to do is open the default skeletal mesh and look at it's anim tree for the names.

      3. I am not quite sure what you have done here, have you made 2 different character with 2 different materials, then 1 works and the other doesn't, even though it was the same process?