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Squareface: new action-adventure mobile game

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    Squareface: new action-adventure mobile game

    Squareface is a premium 3rd-person action adventure game, exclusively for iOS.

    Hello all
    We started building the game five years ago in UDK. We are immensely proud of our work and we would like some feedback from you. We hope you enjoy the trailer.

    The purpose of the game is to have genuine fun whilst completing all the challenging missions, destroying all enemies, exploring and discovering a vast world filled with present day items and secrets.

    Your square-faced, cool, adventurous, paper character finds itself in an unknown and very engaging universe and has to uncover the mystery of the cardboard figurines. The character will learn great skills to master the environment and to confront its arch nemesis in an intriguing and suspenseful action story.

    The action story will unfold as you play the game. It has a 3rd-person camera view and it uses the stick controller and contextual touch giving the user advanced control over a cardboard, highly customisable, character.

    Fully customisable
    Paper and cardboard can be surprising and they have never offered so much choice until now via the customisation options. All the costumes will be available as unlocks, giving the user the extra choice to actually print their own blueprints and craft them manually.

    In our unique skill system, coolness may be the most important skill.

    True Imagination
    In a universe that makes everything look and feel huge, comes a paper character set to prove itself. Lifestyle being very important, the persona can be very customisable. The way your character looks gives you two main features: pocket size for all the cash and, of course, coolness as a skill. What your character does is entirely up to your imagination.

    Infinite weapons
    The weapons system is among one of the most advanced for a mobile device UI.

    Drivable vehicles
    They provide transportation and safety. Depending on the garage the user has, he or she can significantly upgrade the car, truck, etc. One can, of course, race.

    Find us on Facebook


    Looks colorful and crazy. Little idea what this game is about but it puts a smile on my face anyway. Video games, what an invention!...


      i'll agree with that.


        Looks good. And it looks like you put a lot of work into it over the last 5 years. Kind of curious that this would be your first post. I thought I knew everyone who was still using UDK. Best of luck to you with Squareface. I hope it does well.


          Well thanks It's about a paper character that meets all your childhood criteria.


            Our game trailer is live. Take a look as we have updated the thread. Let us know what you think.Thanks.