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Subsistence is on Greenlight!

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    Subsistence is on Greenlight!

    Hi all,

    Subsistence is finally on Greenlight:

    Any support in the project is greatly appreciated

    Good work!I hope this thing gets greenlight soon and you have many sales If only the consumers knew how hard is to make something like this(even with an non updated engine)they loud not compare so much to other games and complain.To me it looks somehow better than rust(and on the graphics side too) so i will vote you my friend and i hope you make it beyond the level you expected.

    The building block are interpactors,right?Does it go with kimset or is it scripted?
    Noticed that you can cook the meat.Have you tought of maybe having the meat been cooked slowly,emit smell that can attract animals?


      Not succesful votation yet ? weird. Looks awsome m8, i hope you release something because i want to definitively play it to see what you did with UDK : P. Also have fun that rifle reminds me the one of red orcehstra 2 cool cool.

      My vote goes there : ), if everything it's fine.