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    New Game I'm Working on.

    I'm doing a rpg Sci Fi type game, its a story-line driven game with dialog but will have combat as well on the different worlds, so it has thousands of lines of dialog, you can now buy star maps to add into to your default map, or mine some elements to turn scrap metal into credits, as you need to build up credits to upgrade your ship shields just to get into certain areas in certain systems. ect... but if you are lucky to find the sub space drive, then you can break the limits of the jumpgate travel system.

    Game Issues trying to resolve:

    After following a few tutorials from You Tube, I Got the models imported into UDK, but don't know how to script the classes to get the custom models that I imported in to animate in the actual game, when I look on you tube, all I find is tons of tutorials showing how to change your existing player pawn, or how to spawn ai bots into your game. but can't find anything on how to add a.i in for imported custom models.

    I need to change those models I imported into pawn classes with animation. Even though the animation plays in amiset, but it won't play the animation of the model in the actual game because the pawn classes for the custom pawn models have to be all configured for it dosen't just configre the pawn only through the editor (although it should only just do it all through the editor instead of having to also mess around with engine source code).

    That's why it plays in the editor aniset window and not play in the actual game because you have to add the new classes into the engine script to get the engine to recognize it in the game and that is what I don't know how to set up.. I know you have to add the additional pawn entries into the script code, I just don't know how to do it.

    And because I know building up a 3d game from scratch in UDK engine would cause alot of problems and alot of time on building the map all the time. I decided to script my game instead in a 2d text format first. The game script is now over 37 thousand lines long. So its not a small little game. Because I knew each time you make change in unreal, you have to rebuild the map and lighting all the time. So I did all text and audio sound changes outside unreal. Before deciding to go ahead to build the game all up in the UDK engine. So at least I get to test all the dialog, sounds, and all the storylines. and all the game variables outside the engine. But with what I started to build up with UDK, the models stay stuck in their default t-poses as a result of not knowing how to set up the pawn classes..

    I used to set up ai models in the Red Faction Editor by daisy chaining the scripts with event objects links in the editor which was so much more easier to do than UDK because you worked directly with the script in the editor. but if you wanted to add custom models into the game, you had to add that to the engine model script so it would show up in the editor.