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The P Platers [W.I.P]

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    The P Platers [W.I.P]

    Gday to my friends of the Unreal community!

    I'd like to share with you my project

    "The P Platers" is an Australian style Grand Theft Auto inspired RPG/Comedy adventure game set in a fictional and over dramatized recreation of the South Australian city of Adelaide (Radelaide)

    The game will be set in 2013-2014 "South Straya" in the Radelaide CBD, North Radelaide and the Radelaide hills

    We've sadly just lost our coder to the very unspeakable act of moving to the Australian state of Victoria (you'd understand if your Aussie) so I'm here on these forums seeking someone who can use unreal script and help with vehicles (the models are made) and to also gain insights, perspectives and constructive criticism from the Unreal Forums. We're pretty reluctant to give away to much as of yet but I can say the game is heavily comedic, pedestrians are funny and they are intractable with a RPG style dialogue system. And the signs of parody Australian themes will have you dying of laughter! The level of ridiculousness doesn't stop there because Tesla, Ancient Aliens and groups from the emo's in the sewer to the outrageous technology created by uni lads will give you an adventure the likes of which Straya has never seen! We just need a **** coder and we're willing to pay (per job). But most important we'd like to know what the Unreal community thinks of this project so we'll take all of your feed back seriously and all of your suggestions will be considered.

    If you want frequent updates check out our Facebook! Lots more screens to be found there also

    If your interested in joining our team contact us through our Facebook, PM or email

    EDIT: And for you legends who wanna donate:

    Looks interesting but with so much stuff on screen be careful not to let the graphics down (visualy and framerate).Are the characters cell shaded?
    Do you have any gameplay video?


      Gday! Lag has been something we've had to be very cautious off, we're using a clever model swap/cull distance methods of reducing lag that both keep the visuals and allow for smooth game-play

      Game plays coming once we get our vehicles sorted