Hello All!
I would like to share with You my very early beta version gameplay of 'logic'/'puzzle' game "Code World: The Algorithm".
In game, player controlls every 'CodeBlock' by commands that can be provided in CW Console. The moving/activating/stop/pause and every other kind of commands(not even related to the move) can be looped also. Player is able to program any kind of synchronization in this 3D futuristic-style world, to just complete next levels.
Multiplayer mode should be avaivable also. The players will be able to compete with each other with teams/solo by just using specific commands that will affect to 'CodeBlocks'. I'm sure that would be a great fun specially for people that keen on coding in any way.
The game would not be a 'game' itself. It'll also contain a plot in 'single player mode' but I don't want to reveal it at the moment Emotikon smile
I really will be thankful if You can share with me Your opinions/suggestions about this projects, because I think it's a little 'experimental'.
Kind regards & thanks for any feedback!