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Marionette with Chains

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    Marionette with Chains


    I am creating a simulation of a life sized marionette. I am using chain-links instead of string. I created a Physics asset from a length of chain I rigged. The Physics asset works great by itself, but I am having trouble connecting the physics chain to two other assets. One end is connected to a limb of the body(hand), while the other end is connected to an animated object that when moved, simulates a pull on the chain making the hand move up or down.

    My physics asset does not stay connected to the two objects.

    Does anyone know how to connect a length of chain(physics asset) from one rigid body(actor) to an animated actor?

    i.e. Creating a wrecking ball with a chain(physics asset), while the part where the chain attaches to, is able to animate left, right, up and down?

    Thanks everyone!

    have the top one fixed ? did you try that ?


      Thanks Neongho,

      But when i "fix" the top bone, the asset stays in place and does not move with the actor mesh that is animated.


        didn't you attach it to a socket or so ?

        This is probably because of a flag somewhere on the actor of the "mario.." , perhaps location updated on rigid body ?

        Archetype it, check it. there's a reason for sure.