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    The Island Project

    Hello all! Expanding on my last project, the last couple of months I've been working on a new, more in-depth project.

    After delving into the MOBA style, I thought of what ways I could combine the genre with another game style to produce more unique play styles. So, starting with the arena style, I mixed in RPG and survival elements. And then The Island Project was born.

    "The Island Project" is the codename I've chosen for this game as I haven't really thought of a title yet.

    The game pits two teams of 5 players against each other and both of their objectives is to escape the Island first in an
    hour and a half and win. However, if neither team successfully escapes then the winner will be determined on who earned the most overall GC (Game Credits or in-game cash). Killing minions and enemy players earns GC.

    The game implements the idea of Elemental Ki, a mana-like concept that allows skills and powers to manifest in game. Each player is allowed 8 total skills to use in a single match: 4 offensive skills and 4 defensive skills. Players unlock more skills as they use and level up their elemental categories.

    Then, there are Perks (in-game and overall) to add certain abilities and advantages to the player. Before the player even starts the game, they are required to create their first Combat Class Loadout. These loadouts are basically letting
    players choose the Class Perk of player they want to play for the match and what kind of perks they want to assist.

    The perks and skills in the game really adhere to a specific combat triangle, with there being support roles thrown in. Class Perks are one of the elements of the game chosen by the players. They represent what kind of Combat role the player
    contributes to the team and determine what the player will visually look like as well as what skills and perks the player can get along with how they will play their chosen class.

    A driving survival element of the game is the Island's Origin Spirit. It is a violent spirit that manifests itself in random locations around the island and walks around. If any team comes in contact with the spirit, they either need to be high levels with a good Perk build, or they need to work together to escape the spirit (or if singled out, a single player needs to be extremely skilled in escaping) otherwise the spirit will catch each player and kill them, making the dying players team lose an amount of overall GC.

    Focusing on good teamwork and fast Game Leveling is what is needed to succeed in this game.

    So far, every feature in the game works and replicates correctly in an online server. There's a lot still planned to implement into the game, so please keep checking this post out!

    Here are a few screenshots of the early build of the game. I'm just a lone programmer who doesn't really have artistic skills working on a game so it may look visually unappealing, but I assure you all of the UI components work. All 3D models and characters are UT assets as visual assets aren't my top priority, but hopefully could change soon. Leave some comments and be sure to check back regularly as I should hopefully have a video up of an online match soon!

    Just spawning on my test level, with the one Minion camp in front.

    I thought this was worth the screen shot, but true first person! Nothing big, and when I get a character model that is split up into multiple meshes, then you'll be able to see a head shadow lol.

    Minion camp up close. Health bars show up when you get into sight range.

    Fighting the minion camp with the only two skills in the game (so far) with working cooldowns.

    I gave the test player the "Hardcore Parkour" perk which allows tremendous jumping abilities for a good chunk of Ki.

    About to land after the jump.

    I've been working a lot on the game, and so far I'm at 39 classes in UnrealScript. I've accomplished and learned a lot through this about networking and user interface. Here's a video of a short demo of some skills:


      Looks legit mate, i wonder what you use for the health bars did you use canvas ? i doesen't look like Flash/scaleform.


        The HUD is actually entirely in Scaleform, but I'm no visual artist, so my shapes and controls are pretty basic and uninteresting.


          Update: After a while of working this and school, I redesigned the UI a bit and made an arena type map. Minions are coded to lanes and they will attack you if you are in front of your minions.

          New Changes:
          -Lane Minion AI
          -"Towers" (Flags) and their AI
          -Targeting system (Left Shift to lock-on)
          -"Chase Cam" (Hold down middle mouse button to rotate camera but not player)
          -Visibility System: players cannot see pawns that are outside of sight by anybody on their team.

          Here's an album of all of the changes in the game.

          Next up is the Mod Shop (In-Game shop) and then enough kits to test out a match.


            If you need any help with it I am a great artist, like concept art, along with sound design. Let me know if you need any help