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[WIP] Fortification Contest - Seaborn

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    [WIP] Fortification Contest - Seaborn

    [WIP] Seaborn
    Alpha 5 Released : 21/06/2014



    my steam name is: CupMcCakers
    my skype name is: jellybellyhulm

    if you want to help us test, let me know, alternatively, join our steam group:
    We currently have a 32 man server up and running. Last time I checked there were around 20 people on it! We had an absolute blast playing with everyone, can't wait to get the next alpha/beta up

    This happened right in front of my nose earlier, made me laugh.

    Our next Alpha will be released and played on 23rd June! There is also a clan skrim currently planned for the 24th!

    ALpha 5 Main Changes Include:
    - Cave Layout overhaul
    -Town layout overhaul
    - added trees to river
    - slowed cart down
    - reduced fire pits to 2
    - lots of collision fixed
    - lots of lighting fixed
    -added more amm
    -added ballista to ship
    - Lots of visual work

    Main ToDo's:
    - replace final objective with something more interesting
    - fix lighting
    - fix collision bugs
    - add more gameplay features
    - allow boat boarding
    - bot pathing
    - add villagers
    - start beauty pass
    -stop spawn ****
    - stop archer spam
    - more continuity


    Can't wait to play with more of you and hear more feedback, keep it coming! Tear us down guys!

    Seaborn is a level for the Fortification Mapping Contest that is currently under development by several students of the Computer Visualisation and Animation course at Bournemouth University. Our aim is to succeed at creating an incredibly fun, visually stunning and sparklingly polished level that does justice to the ambitious ideas of it's creators in regards to both game play and visuals. This is our first level for Chivalry and as such we will be relying heavily on the feedback of the community, particularly in regards to game play. We need your help to produce the best level that we are capable of, and to produce a level that we hope will someday sit alongside the official maps created by the incredible Chivalry team.

    The Agatha fleet presides in a secluded harbour overlooked by a little known but beautifully preserved ancient city built into the rocks that surround it. The Mason order have been tipped off that for the last few months King Argon's flagship - the likes of which has never sailed the seven seas - is also at rest here, watched over by the looming cliffs and turrets that have protected the secrets of powerful men since before the recording of time. With this new found information, the Mason Order have concocted a plan that will allow them to commandeer this beast of the ocean, whilst also doing untold damage to the Agatha fleet and port.

    Unless they are stopped.

    Quick Overview:

    -Objective 1- Navigate gunpowder cart through caves
    -Objective 2- Set Agatha Fleet and Key Strategic Buildings in cliffside town Ablaze
    -Objective 3- Sail downriver through a rocky cliff passage
    -Objective 4- open sea gate and escape to open water.

    Objective 1
    The Mason order must attempt to navigate a network of sea caves that will lead them out into the middle of the Agatha Harbour City. No one knows whether the caves are manmade or natural, only that they are full of secrets and ancient treasures. With them the Mason forces must bring a cart full of gunpowder and explosives, so that they can lay waste to the Agatha fleet.

    It is the job of the Agatha Knights to prevent this at all costs, luckily, due to an age of superstition and wariness, lookouts have never left their posts in the caves. Giving the Agatha forces ample time to respond to this unexpected threat.

    Objective 2
    Should the Mason Order succeed in their traversal of this subterranean land of stalactite forests, they must set ablaze everything in their path, including the Agatha fleet and key strategic buildings on route to King Argon's Flagship.

    Agatha men must attempt to stop this by raining arrows down from the rooftops, and jumping down to deal death from above upon their unsuspecting enemies. Prepared for every eventuality, the city is rigged with traps and pitch that can be activated to cut off key routes temporarily, funnelling the towns assailants towards more favourable battlefields for the defenders.

    Objective 3
    The Mason Order have so far succeeded in their mission, and must now escape with their prize. Below decks a steady drum begins to beat as the now Mason owned flagship makes it's way towards open water's and escape. The more Mason men aboard the ship there are, the more incentivized the slaves are too row to their full potential, for fear of a cracked whip or a boot to the head.

    On the flip side of the coin, the more Agatha men there are aboard the ship, the more likely the slaves are too slow down or stop rowing altogether, preventing the escape of the Mason Order.

    As the ship makes it's steady progress downstream, with cliffs looming on each side, both the Agatha Knights and the Mason Order must do battle upon the boat and the cliffside paths that overlook it, in their war for supremacy over the vessel.

    For the Mason Order, defeat means death, for the Agatha Knights, the loss of Argon's prized battleship means a fate much worse.

    Objective 4

    As if this wasn't enough, the Mason Order must also open a sea gate that bars their way to freedom.

    Updated Post to reflect current build