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ALWAYS HUNTING - Jacob's Story

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    ALWAYS HUNTING - Jacob's Story


    You know clearly when IT is after you...
    You get the feeling that you are being WATCHED...
    You get the feeling that you are being HUNTED...
    You then fall to situations far beyond your control...
    And still IT observes as you suffer...
    You can run…
    You can hide…
    But in the brightest of days...
    In the darkest of nights...
    You know as clearly as you know that IT is after you...
    That IT WILL FIND YOU...
    Whatever you do, IT'S ALWAYS WATCHING...
    Wherever you go, IT'S ALWAYS HUNTING...

    ALWAYS HUNTING is a WIP game series following the stories of different individuals and their encounters with various beings and entities; natural, supernatural and unknown, the main antagonist of the series being a highly intelligent entity known as The Employer, which seemingly cannot be fought by any natural or conventional means. It created a game of the mind on a massive scale; with the entire world and beyond as the playing field and the elements in The Game - all of them connected in unimaginable ways - as the pieces of a giant puzzle. In The Game, man's greatest strength becomes his greatest weakness. One must never assume to know what was, what is, or what is to come, although I am certain that many will, since a lot of clues and evidence will be presented to the players, but it will be up to them to piece it together; to determine what is really there and what is an illusion, what really happened and what never did, who to trust and who to shun, who to save and who to eliminate. The paths you take and the choices you make will impact greatly on the gameplay and the narrative, so choose carefully, or you may get more than you bargain for...

    Jacob's Story

    The first game in the series, Jacob's Story, puts you into the shoes of Jacob Marks, a young man who recently lost his father in a brutal homicide.*It is when Jacob is called to the Police Station that he learns that there may be more to the killing than what was originally thought. When he gets home, he finds his father’s room in a complete mess with paper strewn everywhere and security cameras on the ceiling, still recording. He finds tapes stashed in the drawers of his father’s desk, on which he views some disturbing content.*As he watches the tapes, strange events start occurring, beings and entities start to come after him, including the one responsible for his father's disappearance, and the nefarious Game that his father was and now Jacob*is*involved in; The Employer. His sanity starts to break down as memories that can’t be his own flood his mind and dreams and nightmares haunt what little sleep he can get. As he goes on, becomes clear that there is more to The Game than anyone could guess. Will he survive, or will he meet with the same fate as so many of The Employer's victims?


    All renders are in 1080p Full-HD, screenshots will likely be 1366x768.



    Twitter [might make one specifically for Walshinator Productions]:
    YouTube [More content to be added soon]:

    "A King, clothed in black and white
    His skin as pale as human bone
    His branching arms as black as night
    And silent voice a deathly tone"


      New wallpapers brought to you by Yours Truly


        Just thought I'd bump to draw attention to the new structure.
        UPDATE: Got bored, decided to make a render (check Renders/Screenshots)