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    Still don't see it. I am logged in (using Chrome)...


      Nope, still don't see it. I'm logged in and using Chrome. Maybe it works if you're the thread owner or subscribed....


        no,i get it on all threads,maybe its in the profile somewhere but I certainly have done nothing to enable it.



          lots of weapon updates,lots of little tweaks and a new zombie dog.

          zombie dogs.-1 .00
          longshot achievement.-1.44
          ak47 gets a laser sight.-2.20
          my old mini gun gets a huge code update.-7.40
          emplaced m60 huge mesh and code update.-11.20
          rescue infected dog.-14.20
          become undead-16.30


            That 9-second anim of the Infected Dog is ace! Overall the gameplay is looking pretty tight, especially when the zombies attack in pairs or packs. The Helo is a nice touch too. What's next, you must be getting fairly close to completion now, yes? Is this just a side interest or are you working in game dev full-time?


              OMG you become the undead!


                thanks frankit,the dog-or cat as it was,was purchased from 3dfoin.
                I had wanted dogs from the start,mostly as a companion,but I just suck at animating living stuff,so when I saw the cat I thought that's a brilliant start for me.took me a couple of weeks to modify the mesh and get it up and running in game.

                the game is getting close to completion.ive reached the halfway point of the story,although I need to do lots more on the actual anims and interaction of the checkpoints,but I will leave that till ive finalised the story.

                I do about an hour and a half per day on the game,im a blacksmith/welder/father to a 4 year old by trade,this is just a long term is one point im sorely lacking in.

                yes Snipe,you cant be the hero every time.once you spawn as a zombie a whole team is sent to take you out and you will gain points for time survived and soldiers killed.


                  Wow, that's hard to believe, serious commitment, from the models to the gameplay, you've got excellent chops Gaz661...
                  Even if you've got your hands full and aren't looking to do game design full-time, you could probably find lucrative consulting work...

                  The promotional part is horrible, especially as we're up against industrial-sized marketing machines and all the noise from the 'birds' / 'candy' clones...

                  Anyhow, good luck with this project and the next one...


                    Nice work Gaz!Few things.Is the crossbow using some unlit material?I just dont see it being affected by lights and shadows.Is the flashlight a attached spotlight or code?Looks good.
                    I cant beleve how many people i see still in this forum who dont work in the industry but have so much talent and desire!And i beleve that each one of us will make it.Only the hardcore,stuborn and determinated are still here I wish you luck Gaz and dont stop building and improving your skills.From what i see you do have what it takes.


                      Thanks guys,I do my best.

                      var SpotlightComponent FrontLight;
                      var name LightSocket;
                      simulated function PostBeginPlay()
                      	SkeletalMeshComponent(Mesh).AttachComponentToSocket(FrontLight, LightSocket);
                             Begin Object class=SpotLightComponent Name=FrontLightComponent
                          End Object
                      this is how I attach the light to the weapon.I will check the material on the crossbow,i don't think its unlit.but I agree,it does look a little bright.its on the to do list,along with a thousand other things.


                        zombie training

                        ive done a lot of work on the menus and hud,although they are still in early state,im doing it in a more efficient way.
                        also I have solved the minimap scaling problems I was now works for the huge factory map and this small training level.havnt got it to show objectives yet though.
                        all scoring is now done in code rather than kismet and along with a few other things ive moved over it means my kismet sequences have been literally halved.

                        there are 2 new classes of dismemberable zombie.ive improved the setup with the female and will be transferring it to the males.this gets rid of the ugly splits in the mesh.

                        ive updated the player mesh when he is turned to a zombie and he is fully dismemberable.


                          genesis labs

                          now that most stuff is done in code,putting the gameplay into other maps is simple and I now have a fully working save system.

                          im not planning on making the factory level saveable as it is more arcade style,but for this map I intend to something different.not quite sure what yet but maybe a sim zombie type game where you have to keep the holding pens full by stunning from the surrounding area and other menial tasks along with coping with the occasional zombie breakout.

                          I haven't made the mesh for it yet but I have a cattle prod to stun zombies and can be seen in the vid.

                          all in all its been a productive couple of months since the last update.

                          edit:almost forgot,but majic12 was right,id got the diffuse plugged into the emmisive on the crossbow.d'oh.


                            * Looking good, everything appears more polished Gaz. I watched the clips using headphones this time around, its more atmospheric, but suggest killing the head-shot sound clip!

                            * I like the construction crew wave attacks. Overall, I think your game is at its best when packs of zombies are coming at the player at the same time. For example, the lone one-legged zombie that comes at you during early training floats along oddly...???

                            * You get knocked down at several points, save yourself sometimes, but at other times turn zombie and attack soldiers, a humorous nice touch...

                            * The Labs clip was reminiscent of Doom... Thanks for bringing back some fond memories! However, a couple of the zombies appeared to spawn from thin air, and some of the animations meant the zombies animated through the wire mesh windows, which broke the realism a bit.

                            Q: Is driving the digger over the undead an option (I know that's a fully functional vehicle)?


                              headshot clip will be removed and im actially changing the way a headshot works.the head shouldn't really pop off like that so I will change it to an explosion of brains and stuff.but I will probably add a thrown circular saw blade to keep decapitation aswell,maybe some large garden sheers.

                              ive got a lot of my vehicles fully up to speed,ie lights and hud.most of them now don't produce any log warnings,but I haven't got to the excavator yet,but I will.the next vid of the factory map will include maost vehicles and it really speeds the feel of the game up without actually getting throught the checkpoints any quicker.infact I tend to die sooner when I choose to use the vehicles.

                              also in the next vid you will meet eddie,your canine companion who you can save from the virus.MASSIVE thanks goes to Snipe34 for building the model for me.


                                (Sorry, re-edited that at the same time as you were posting...)