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Making Halo Remake to PC

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    Making Halo Remake to PC

    Hello! Im making my first Game using UDK and its gonna be halo Remake to PC! And i need help
    Oh ps. This is non comercial game unless microsoft games will grant me permission to publish it!

    List where i need help or what i need :
    Animations! I need someone to help me or animate my Characters!
    Help importing custom weapon and sounds to UDK
    And im gonna use weapon "BattleRifle" And i want an screen to weapon that shows the ammo.
    Final part is that i need help rescaling my character ingame .

    Hope that someone helps me with these

    Pictures of MC:

    First post!

    You need to post it as *Educational Purposes only,
    - Note: if you are going to use a major companies IP do not post it online until it is already completed and hope you don't get cease and desist

    - helpful tip: all halo characters, textures, weapons and maps are already in the unreal 2.5 - 3 engine a few of us have done much of this already, no work is needed for udk except the skeletal mesh reimporting
    - UDK also notifies you of out of date engine content and scaling a pawn is not just as simle as changing the scale, you need to consider collision and world geometry
    * it is better to show progress as tutorials not as shameless self promotion for others people work.
    - good luck its a hard task, long task and 50% through you will wake up and realise you could have made your own work.


      Im decent with level Design,

      If you have the meshes that you need, and would like someone to produce you with a level then i'm the person that you need. Contact me at, if you would like my help.


        Microsoft is typically pretty harsh on mods/remakes that include ripped assets. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this won't get far if you continue to do, rather than create your own.


          Originally posted by TKBS View Post
          You need to post it as *Educational Purposes only
          This won't work unfortunately. Microsoft are the owners of Halo, and you need their permission. There's no other way about it I'm afraid. =/